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was one of ABC’s best sitcoms that came to an end early following the unexpected and tragic death of star John Ritter in 2003.

The show’s three season run did not do it justice, but the cast sure did!

The reason is simple: he expresses something very true in a very funny way, examining just what happens when Daddy's little girl becomes a teenager. There is the expected chaos, the hormones, the constant state of crisis of the teenager's mind set, the physical changes, and the heart warming helplessness of the formerly protective parent no longer sure of what or how to protect his children.The story covers details down to bathroom and sleep habits.The chemistry between all of the stars as the Hennessy family resonated with viewers, and although they tried to go on without Ritter, the show just wasn’t the same.Eleven years later the cast also lost veteran star James Garner who starred as Cate’s father, Jim Egan, leaving us missing them and the show.

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Find out how the rest of the spectacular cast is doing now: Estimated Net Worth: $500 Thousand.