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A-Rod, who has been linked to Madonna, Kate Hudson, and Cameron Diaz among others—recently broke up with Anne Wojcicki, tech CEO and the ex-wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Love broke the news yesterday that the 47-year-old singer and actress is now dating 41-year-old former baseball star Alex Rodriguez. The best part of this is wondering how loyal Boston Red Sox fan Ben Affleck will react to the news that the woman he almost married is stepping out with one of the most famous Yankees of all time.

Did Alex Rodriguez dump Kate Hudson because she’s too high maintenance?

Although their reps are keeping tight-lipped, the rumor mill is churning over whispers of a Kate Hudson and A-Rod breakup.

A source tells Sun Online that three-times married J-Lo, 49, who has two children from her relationship with Marc Anthony and last year vowed never to wed again, was well aware of his reputation before she accepted the engagement ring.

They said: "He chased high profile women like Madonna and Kate Hudson in the hopes they could somehow tame him, somehow make him be loyal.

"Still, deep down there are questions about whether he is really ready to settle down." Here we reveal the relationships that have landed ' Stray-Rod' in hot water before.

His old New York Yankees team-mate Jose Canseco claimed the baseball star had been recently seeing his ex-wife Jessica Sekely.She did take the relationship seriously, and he has a lot of respect for her.They had some really wonderful times together.” This isn’t the first time Kate has been dumped for her neediness.Lopez’s last big relationship with a super-high-profile New York celebrity didn’t, of course, end too well. Lo was dating Sean Combs when a fight broke out at a midtown nightclub and shots were fired.Combs and Lopez were arrested fleeing the scene in an SUV with a gun in the trunk. Lo was quickly cleared of involvement, and although Combs was eventually cleared of any crime in court, the case created enough of a bad smell that Combs changed his name from Puff Daddy to Diddy to try and put the events behind him.

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For those of us old enough to remember ‘Bennifer’ (Mark One)—the collective noun for Ben Affleck and Jenifer Lopez that some would argue started the modern day obsession for conjugal celebrity portemanteau terms—comes happy news; Jennifer Lopez is now dating Yankees icon Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez, 41, was, claims, recently backstage at one of J.