Bible scriptures on christian dating

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Bible scriptures on christian dating

Though Scripture gives us no clear evidence as to the precise age of the earth, it suggests that man has appeared on the scene rather recently.The idea of an earth that is billion years old is nowhere taught in Scripture. Contrary to popular belief, there is no certain or unequivocal evidence that the earth is older than a few thousand years.

His theory is utterly hopeless if the earth is young . (2) Is this information at variance with the facts brought to light by scientific research? The scientist in turn can make certain interesting calculations, but his computations are often interlarded with slippery assumptions, and the results are beclouded by serious questions that rise in the research (P. And, by the same token, any person can see that seven hundred and forty-two years from now, the lower Mississippi will be only a mile and three-quarters long, and Cairo and New Orleans will have joined their streets together, and be plodding comfortably along with a single mayor and a mutual board of Alderman. One gets such wholesale returns out of such a trifle investment of fact (Samuel L. Old Testament authority Ronald Youngblood offers a fitting conclusion: No one knows for certain, of course, when the beginning was.But those very analogies serve to limit our time scale for Genesis 11. And the gap between Joram and Uzziah in Matthew 1:8 was fifty years, not five thousand. And yet the clearest suggestion of a time gap in Genesis 11 occurs before this judgment between Eber and Peleg, because of the sudden drop in life span.The gap between Amram and Moses was three hundred years, not thirty thousand (cf. In the second place, only three of the ten patriarchs listed in Genesis 11 - Rue, Serug, and Nahor - are available for spanning the vast period of time demanded by these anthropologists, for the patriarchs listed before them preceded the Tower of Babel judgment and the scattering of mankind (cf. In the third place, it is impossible to imagine that Reu, Serug, and Nahor, to say nothing of Lamech, Noah and Shem, were savage illiterate cave dwellers of the stone-age period.The following is a typical example: The fundamentalist argument against the scientific assertion of the great age of our planet-to the effect that God created the earth only about 6,000 years ago, including fossils embedded in rocks - is unworthy of serious discussion. The simplest best statement of fact concerning the creation controversy is: we do not yet know the final word, but the evidence points strongly in the direction of a torturously slow development, as Gods purposes have been carried out according to the schedule of His choosing (W. This allows modern science, rather than Scripture, to give us information concerning the age of the earth and universe. Ussher, working with the genealogical tables in the Book of Genesis and assuming them to be complete, deduced there were 4004 years from the creation of the world to the birth of Christ. for the year of creation was inserted as a marginal commentary in the English edition of the Great Bible by Bishop Lloyd and, by association, thus being incorporated into the dogma of the Christian church.If we begin with the assumption that God can do anything he pleases, then of course he could have made the world 6,000 years ago, or last Tuesday, and planted Buffalo: Prometheus Books, 1990, p. This argument is hardly worthy of serious discussion. Usshers chronology eventually made its way into the margin of various English translations of the Bible. By the time the theory of evolution came into open conflict with church dogma, almost every Bible published in the nineteenth century had Usshers date appended to the first page, followed by the sequential dates throughout to the time of the birth of Christ.

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An indefinite time interval may therefore be intended between A and B (Merrill Unger, revised by Gary L. Theologian John Whitcomb writes: In the first place, to stretch the genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 to cover a period of over a hundred thousand years is to do violence to the chronological framework of all subsequent biblical history.

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