C textbox validating event not firing Sexy porn cam 2 cam chat

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It's just that all controls have Causes Validation by default set to true.I think (but could be wrong) the mousedown will happen before your validate.

Setting the Causes Validation of the other textbox is not necessary for the logic between the two textboxes.I have already set up the Enter key to work in the same way as the tab, but I cause the combobox to do certain things before it is exited.I have a textbox menu item in a submenu that isn't triggering events after the user enters a value and either clicks on the TAB or Enter key. I have the "causes Validation" property set and Accepts Tab set to False and Accepts Return set to False. I added the textbox to a submenu using VS Designer. Text Box loses focus (tabbing or clicking elsewhere on the page) Likewise, the Checkbox needs to have Auto Post Back set to True and viewstate must be enabled for this control. Please click 'Mark as Answer' if reply assisted you.If for example there is yet another control that needs validation, the Causes Validation properties of both textboxes have to be set to true.

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Chris "Alex Bink" Hi, I have a validating event on a textbox in which I want to prevent the user to leave the textbox without entering the right data.

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