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In recent times, he had however been in a long-distance relationship with his unnamed girlfriend, who lives in Greece.

Unfortunately for the pair, they broke up in late 2017 as they struggled to maintain their communication with each other due to the difference in their time zone.

Speaking to the Although the breakup was a hard moment for Roman to go through, he managed to quickly pull himself back up.

Capital FM boasts programs including the Big Breakfast Show, The Capital Gang, The Late Date and Dance Force.Whether or not it could be true is just something us fans will have to keep on pondering about. Most women find British men very attractive just because of their accent, but when it comes to Roman, he’s basically a younger version of James Bond.So, he must have enjoyed his share of a dating life as well.Apart from being a charming, handsome and talented radio host, Roman showed that he was more than just a pretty face, who also had a heart of gold in November 2017; he participated in a celebrity edition of First Dates for Stand Up to Cancer.Although he attracted many ladies for himself during the episode, most of his dates surprisingly found his dad more attractive than him.

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Other programs like AM-PM Show, The Overdrive and The Dream Breakfast remain some of the most listened to programs in the country.