Carbon dating debunked Mumbai hot dating

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Carbon dating debunked

The test deemed that the Shroud dated to around 1260-1390 A. thus seemingly proving that the Shroud was a medieval hoax. Further tests seem to elevate the probability of the Shroud’s authenticity.As one investigates the Shroud, it must be understood that the resurrection of Jesus does not rest upon the Shroud’s authenticity.

They noted that early depictions of Jesus match certain details of the facial image found on the Shroud. Catharine’s Monastery at Sinai is one of the oldest Byzantine religious icons which dates to the 6 century (i.e., 500-599 A. For more information on the Christ Pantocrator painting, see

The blood has been confirmed as authentic hemoglobin and identified as Type AB.

As archeologist Ted Wright noted recently on The Bellator Christi Podcast, when researching the Shroud, we can rule out several things that the Shroud is not.

These findings suggest that the Turin Shroud must have originated in, or at least have been in the vicinity of, Jerusalem.

That the pollen dates to the first-century also provides an indication that the Shroud was first found in first-century Israel.

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Of these twenty-eight plants, twenty-three are flowers, three are small bushes, and two are thorns. Twenty grow in Jerusalem itself, and the other eight grow potentially within the close vicinity of Jerusalem, either in the Judean Desert or in the Dead Sea area or in both.

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