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And because he had a recording company we thought, ‘Well, we’ll do a recording.’ And so we went back to rehearse and record and it became one of our biggest hits, ‘Dave’s Not Here.’ “So we took that same philosophy into the movie-making business,” he says. You just want to make something that people can laugh at.So what we did, we just had to figure out how can we make this movie funny, and that’s what we did.“That smuggling of marijuana, how do we smuggle pot across the border,” he says.“I remember this old joke about a guy taking a wheelbarrow across the border every day, and Customs would search the wheelbarrow and they couldn’t figure out what he was smuggling.When he retired he told them – he was smuggling wheelbarrows.So we used that for the pot made out of car, car made out of pot.

“That’s where Strawberry (the PTSD vet character) came in. We would tackle problems of the day with humor, with crazy humor.” As for as the business side of Hollywood, and any nervousness the studio suits might have had about greenlighting a movie in which copious amounts of still-very-illegal pot gets smoked for most of the 85-minute run time?

They simply wanted to spend a summer in an appropriately warm hemisphere.

“I gotta thank Australia,” Chong says of the land down under where summer is the colder season of the year.

“As long as they didn’t know what we were doing everything was fine,” Marin says, laughing. we had been romanced and bromanced by a few record companies and people, but no one really knew what do to with us except Lou.

“The secret sauce there was Lou Adler,” Chong says. And so when we told Lou we wanted to do a movie he went his Lou Adler way and got the deal with Paramount.” Reviews were mixed – Pauline Kael at the New Yorker and David Ansen at Newsweek were among the most favorable big-name critics – but audiences loved it, buying more than million of tickets at the box office in 1978 which placed it just outside the Top 10 for that year.

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