Children response to partents dating

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It is easy for adults and children to focus on the consequences of wetting and soiling eg.changing sheets/clothes, washing, rather than the reasons why it happens.Tags: Child Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse, Mental Health Author: South Eastern CASA This article is written for women and assumes a male offender, however SECASA acknowledges that both men and women can be survivors of sexual abuse and that offenders can be male and female.

Looking at the content of their dreams can help them to talk about what has happened.Regression to an earlier developmental stage or loss of developmental tasks previously achieved and failure to learn or distortion of new developmental tasks.Many young children lose bladder/bowel control following sexual assault.Lots of children develop aches and pains that have no physical cause.These will often have a connection to an aspect of the assault.

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Bedwetting can also result from feelings of helplessness when children feel a loss of ownership and power over their body when it has been used by someone more powerful than they are.

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