Christian daughter dating atheist

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Dear Concerned Mom, I remember several years ago I was serving a church, and I had a lady who came up to me after the service, and she whispered, and she said, “Could you pray for my daughter.

Marriage is something that the scripture tells us is a creation ordinance given to all people; Genesis, chapter 2, “It is for this reason that a man shall leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” That’s not only true for Christians. So marriage is a good thing for everybody, including for atheists.

I had recently left the mission field, where my job was to convince people that Jesus loved them.

But after three weeks, Adam knew things couldn’t stay that blissful.Adam was neither of those things and he definitely wasn’t a Christian.Adam was raised a secular humanist, a "nonreligous lifestance" that deemphasizes the role a God-like entity plays in a person’s life and emphasizes making good personal decisions.That couple doesn’t have an accountability to the church; they are not under the I Corinthians 5 discipline of the church.But as a civil ordinance, getting married, I would go.

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So, while I only loved Adam more and more, I had expectations about what a relationship should be like, the proper timeline for it, and the most important objective: marriage.