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So that brings us back to the woman friends say Jeezy is still making time with - his longtime girlfriend Mialy. It must be hard for Jeezy - who is always a gentleman to me when I see him out - to juggle women who frequent the same blogs and run in the same circles.

That would explain the email from Jeezy's publicist asking me to "set the record straight" on the alleged relationship. Read the full text of Tracy's email after the break...

There is somebody but it’s a slow kinda procedure with the whole getting to know each other thing and it takes time.

Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson wedding reports heat up today following a recent blog post by Gibson in which the Cavs star refers to Cole as his current wife.

Tracy, who lives way up yonder in New York, said my spy couldn't have spotted Keyshia and Jeezy shopping together for shoes in Little 5 Points because, well, they're just friends.

In her email to me, Tracy wrote: Despite the recent sightings of Jeezy and Keyshia all over the map - even dining together with his young son - we stand corrected on the rumor that Jeezy and Keyshia are a couple.

As far as their rumored status of being a couple, to my knowledge they are just good friends and anything that you hear about otherwise is gossip.

I'd appreciate it if you would set the record straight and feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

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In March this year, Cole welcomed her first child, Daniel Gibson Jr. Before Gibson, Cole had told Essence that she had turned down a proposal from Young Jeezy.