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I hope you enjoy my personal pain as much as my friends have. (*If you’re reading/listening to this at work, please turn down the volume or put on a headset.

Psycho ex-girlfriend has a potty mouth): Voicemail 1: 02/03/01 pm. Crazy is the one harassing Mark, but in this woman’s mind, he’s torturing her.

This woman does not need a boyfriend; she needs a dialectical behavior therapist.

Note this woman’s idea of an apology; she apologizes and calls him names in the same breath.

It’s also noteworthy how she threatens Mark and then tells him to never call her again when she’s irate about the fact that he’s already not calling her.

Voicemail 16: 02/07/01 pm and Voicemail 17: o2/07/01 pm.

And we’re back to tearful anger, proclamations of love, jealous accusations and demands.

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She also threatens to screw up her job and lose her apartment because he won’t call her and do what she wants, followed by more tears. The tears are done and the impatience and burgeoning rage are back. Now Crazy resorts to the classic maneuver: Make ex-boyfriend jealous.