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EXPOSING OUR DAD'S NEW GIRLFRIEND AS A GOLD DIGGER!- Roblox Roleplay by Zai Lets Play Roblox Roleplay - My annoying little sister and I hate our dads new girlfriend!But he has moved out and has gone back to his own house.We did not want him to leave, but he confided in my husband that he is in love with a woman who is 73 years old, and sometimes he would love to have her in his own place.

But how can you possibly assess the truth if you decline to meet the woman?

Allow the man to get married if that is what he wants to do. She might be getting alimony and giving the impression that she is in love with your father.

QUESTION: I am 52 and have always been close to my dad, who was widowed for the second time eight years ago aged 79.

And I write as someone whose dad was 27 years older than my mother.

It requires the daughter to see her parent and his new partner being happy in each other’s company over some time.

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I don’t want him to be lonely, but I was shocked when he told me six months ago he was seeing a woman closer to my age and that the relationship is physical.

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