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Dating an atheist girl

I have talked to the couple and they gave me permission to tell their story. She was raised in a non-religious home, but had relatives who were Christians.

It’s longer than most of my postings, but I hope you’ll take the time to read it. She recalls her aunt once yelling at her mother over Christmas dinner because Kate had not been baptized.

Still, Kate was very outspoken about her non-belief in God.

She had a Darwin Fish symbol on the back of her car.

" so screw anyone who judges him without getting to know him Religion just isn't a huge deal for me.

When the roommate opened a biology textbook, she said, “Kate, this book says that evolution is the foundation of biology!

My church is part of the ELCA, focused on love, charity, and acceptance, and he says that he sees its value as an institution even though he doesn't subscribe to the underlying doctrine.

If I were part of a fundamentalist right-wing church, I don't think he'd tolerate any of that...

You want to get married in a church, I want x, you want to splash out kids head w water I get y.

Because I don't believe in any of it I have no problem w baptism or having an old guy wave his hands while I kiss my wife.

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