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Dating and video games

You then use these items to make yourself more capable.

You complete quests with your friends or against the computer.

One night, we snuck down in the middle of the night only to discover my Dad already playing.

My brother and I loved going to local arcades and try to make a few quarters last as long as possible.

He plays up to 40 hours a week, the equivalent of a full-time job. Now, more than 50 percent of lower-skilled young men live with their parents, and as many as 67 percent of those who are unemployed do so. Video games function as extremely inexpensive entertainment on a time-use basis.

After one invests in a console or computer, the marginal cost is near zero.

I wanted to go on dates, and playing video games wasn’t helping.

As I got older, real-time strategy games like “Warcraft” and “Starcraft” arrived to combine efficiently building armies and settlements with defeating live opponents.Nowadays they’re also so well-designed that many almost simulate jobs if a job’s progress were measured in minutes and hours instead of weeks and months.In many games, you perform a variety of mundane, repetitive tasks in order to build points or currencies or accrue items.As of last year, 22 percent of men between the ages of 21 and 30 in the U. with less than a bachelor’s degree reported not working at all in the previous year—up from only 9.5 percent in 2000.And there’s evidence that video games are a big reason why.

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“When I play a game, I know if I have a few hours I will be rewarded,” said one 22-year-old who lives with his parents in Silver Spring, Md.