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[Bridge] Guitar [Chorus] So why do good girls like bad guys?I had this question for a real long time I've been a bad boy, and it's plain to see So why do good girls fall in love with me? I had this question for a real long time I've been a bad boy, and it's plain to see So why do good girls fall in love with me? I wanna know, I need to know So why do good girls like bad guys?Jerks probably do get women more easily in casual sex scenarios.But they don’t get or stay married more easily; they aren’t loved more, or longer.Factually, their lives and loves are crappier—not happier.And studies show that very few men want to play the field all their lives; men and women alike want lasting, true love.But jerks often lack what it takes to sustain that.

If your caring is real, you’ll never come across as more ‘cool’ than when you share these feelings with her.Jerks are less well-liked, they have more stress, and they have less happy lives. However, once he does feel more fulfilled, the qualities of ‘cool’ that create connections with women begin to flow from him almost automatically. The kind of strength we’re talking about, is the kind that translates into ‘cool’ is the kind a man uses to project personal confidence, control, and leadership.Basically, they have a little more money, and that’s it. Suddenly he stops acting defensive and goal-tending against perceived threats and challenges. It means being unaffected by the opinions of others.So take a look at your life…what would it take to make you feel more fulfilled? It means having the strength to do your own thing while encouraging others to do theirs. Start taking action to get where you want to go in life instead of just sitting on the sidelines, worrying, rethinking and second-guessing everything.Do just this much, and you’ll be amazed how easily you start connecting emotionally with everyone around you…including nice women.

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Too many guys think that if they woke up one morning looking like Brad Pitt and having all his money, suddenly they’d have no problem acting like a cool guy. Why do girls like rude guys is because they don’t cling, get needy or complain overtly.

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