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British people also really, really love the sun and the snow, which is quite sweet to watch; when did you last see a grown man get excited about a few rays of sunshine?In most cultures, it is normal to compliment your friends and insult your enemies, but not in Britain.Here are 6 things you should know before you date a British guy. Even though Britain is a small country, there are lots of varied accents that you may encounter – and most of them are difficult to understand.They get even more confusing when you add in the local slang and strange swear words!This may cause some hilarious confusion while you are getting to know each other!British people love tea – it is totally normal to have 5 cups a day, and for some British people a cup of tea is the solution to all of life’s problems.They have amazing accents, and they are charming and polite.

What to expect British men tend to sit back, observe and wait for the birds to flock to them.

’ I pulled the polite Spanish ‘no, thanks’, expecting they would insist a few more times and then I’d say ‘oh well, go on then’.

And I found my boyfriend a bit rude when he was asked the same thing and straight away said ‘oh yes’.

I’ve always wondered what goes on in the minds of Spanish women (or anyone, really) who are willing to date British guys…Unless those guys happen to be Daniel Craig or Hugh Laurie. And humble public servant that I am, I’d like to share what Gemma had to say about dating British men. And if you want to write a guest post for the blog, contact me here. If you like words, or blogs, or articles, you’ll definitely like my new book The Zen of Blogging, because it has all three.

If that’s your thing…Today we have a guest post from Gemma, one of the lovely readers who responded to my now famous (or infamous) article called 7 things you should know about dating a Spanish girl.

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Even though you may not understand your date, you will still love listening to him speak.

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