Dating by radioactivity excecutive dating

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Dating by radioactivity

The reverse process can occur where there are too many protons, compared to neutrons.

In other words, a proton turns into a neutron by emitting a positron, which is the positively charged antiparticle of the electron.

These particles have a positive electric charge, and, compared to other particles that can be emitted, are heavy and slow moving.

Alpha decay in an element causes it to change into a lighter element.

Unstable atomic nuclei are said to decay, meaning that they lose some of their mass or energy in order to reach a more stable, lower energy, state.

This process is most often seen in the heavier elements, such as uranium.

It is also potentially dangerous, as high-energy particles and radiation can damage and kill cells, and alter DNA, causing cancer.This is sometimes called positive beta decay, and results in the atom turning into an element with fewer protons.Both types of beta decay produce electrically charged particles that are very lightweight and fast.Beta decay occurs when a nucleus has too many neutrons for its number of protons.In this process, a neutron, which is electrically neutral, spontaneously changes into a positively charged proton by emitting a negatively charged electron.

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