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The 1962-1966 GMC Trucks used a "V" shaped emblem mounted to the forward part of the hood.On Truck with the "CUSTOM" cab they had Chrome Engine emblems.The 1000 to 3000 trucks used the same cab or light truck cab, the 3500 was the first truck to use the Big truck cab, with the running boards and front fender flares.Here is how to tell what truck model you have by just an inspecting it with out seeing the vin number.

But from the factory, they were Ivory on all but white trucks and Custom Trucks. On the 1960-1961 GMC Trucks you would fine A Round V6 emblem mounted to the upper forward area of the front fenders.1963-1966 will be coil front suspension with leaf in the rear.Can be 4 wheel drive model also, which would have leaf springs on all four corners.GMC 1000-3500 truck do not have model emblems, 4000 and up do.GMC 1000 can be Short bed or long bed, will have 6 lugs on the wheels, 1960-1962 will have torsion bar front suspension, and coil rear.

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The Chrome Grill and Bumper is found on mostly the "Custom" cab trucks, and they will have this "Custom" emblem mounted to the cab behind the door.

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