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‘Again, SATC and the ‘lessons’ it taught me, is the culprit…If I was more grounded and had honestly assessed whether or not this man was a good partner for me, I don’t think we ever would have dated.’ After that she went to Bali on a spiritual quest and remained celibate for the eight month journey.She has since worked on her life and getting values in order, but is still struggling with the trauma of chasing the dream ‘I was the dating columnist for Elle in Los Angeles. Producers sent me to a mind architect, a love coach and a witch in the pursuit of love.’ It wasn’t renewed for a second season, and by now she was starting to be over the whole Carrie thing By now, the defunct Gawker site had taken hold of Allison’s image and gave it a thrashing, writing about her, as she says, as ‘much as they wrote about Paris Hilton, but I had none of Paris’ resources to defend myself.’ ‘Their core complaint about me was that I was a quote-unquote ‘fame whore.’ They called me ‘one of the most hated people on the Internet.’ They gave me infamy — and I didn’t want it.It was just ugly.’ ‘I was trying so hard to be liked that it was coming across as inauthentic and bitchy.Many of the reality show variety, which had her in some sort of pseudo-Carrie role.Allison says chasing the lifestyle that was representing on SATC left her empty.While Sex and the City is celebrating 20 years since it premiered on HBO, not everyone is toasting the iconic New York series on dating and fashion in the Big Apple.Julia Allison, who hails from Illinois, modeled her life in New York after the fictional character Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, on the enormously popular show.

I realized I didn’t have to be a geek anymore.’ Allison attended Georgetown University and started wearing make-up and curling her hair.

She soon relished in the newly received male attention.

The show had such a disproportionate influence on her life, that Allison says despite receiving an expensive degree in government she decided she would instead become a columnist.

Also, it was miserable to have cameras around all the time,’ Allison recalls.

After doing much soul searching, which included moving to San Francisco in 2013 and writing a book on personal-growth book called the ‘Experiments in Happiness.’ Then, she says ‘Finally, I decided to go private for a while. I rarely post on Instagram.’ Last year she had a failed relationship with a man that ultimately wanted to be poly-amorous- and, she blames the show.

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It was just ugly.’ Allison says chasing the lifestyle that was representing on SATC left her empty.

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