Dating episode kelly zack

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Dating episode kelly zack

Hi, Zack and Lisa kissed in the episode called the bayside triangle in season 4. This might not be the something anyone likes to hear but I truly think that they didn't continue the Lisa/Zack story because the public had a problem with the racial difference.I thought it was weird how they agreed to start dating and then they never did. The only reason I say that is because on Boy Meets World, the character Shawn(who was white) had a girlfriend throughout the last seasons named Angela(who was black) and the actress that played her said that they were the first black/white couple on TV that people accepted and did not make racial judgements. Maybe because the fan base senses betrayal on Zack's part or they want Zack and Kelly together but I'm sure it's a racial issue because till this day, some people have mentioned how weird that is for them to be a couple because of it. After rigging a radio competition, Zack has the chance to win a trip to Hawaii, but his plans are scuppered when he is sent to detention for the day and his attempts to get the gang to help result in them being sent to detention as well.Slater is horrified when his girlfriend from Germany arrives at Bayside as a new student.Consequently, Zack asks Screech to make fake ID's for Jessie and Lisa so that they may go to The Attic to catch Jeff in the act.Despite Kelly's woes, Zack hits it off with Danielle.Zack begins dating a college girl named Danielle, and asks Screech to make fake IDs in order that they can hang out with her at a club.

However, when Zack, Screech and Kelly clash over an exam, friendships are tested.

Even though I'm a Zack/Kelly fan, I still would have liked to have seen Zack/Lisa given a bit of a chance. It was when Lisa was putting together a fashion show.

Made no sense how it got cut off after one episode.

The gang forgets Screech's birthday and decide to throw him a surprise party in Mr. However, after being made Hall Monitor, Screech gets his revenge by sending them to detention, jeopardizing the party.

The school puts on a hip hop version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with Zack and Jessie as the leads.

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In order to go on a ski trip, Zack and Slater trick Mr. Zack agrees to produce Bayside's video yearbook, but betrays everyone's trust by creating a dating tape using footage of female students in order to make enough money to buy a car.