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Dating headlines that work

In our ebook Magnetic Headlines, one of the hundreds of essential bits of knowledge you learn is that people who consistently produce winning headlines understand that “all compelling headlines make an intriguing promise that makes it almost irresistible to the target audience.” Key word: “irresistible.” Key phrase: “target audience.” The “At last!

” beginning is important, because it grabs attention and suggests that some longstanding debate or controversy is coming to an end.

The geek/nerd post has 4,400 Likes on Facebook right now, as well as hundreds of tweets and 1s. A colleague of mine, however, cast his vote for nerd.

But these numbers only mean something in relation to a typical CNet story. I think this headline works, and the data suggests it works, but you may disagree. So I wanted to see what the differences between the two are. An we invite you to keep nerding out with us moving forward here at Headlines That Work to see examples of the best headlines published on the web with in-depth breakdowns of why they work.

It makes reading the rest of the headline, and the post, irresistible.

It had only 2,100 Likes on Facebook 36 hours after being posted. Which is what makes writing killer headlines both art and science. But we don’t ever want to make you feel stupid for not having the same level of knowledge as us. I open this ebook up, literally, every single time I write a headline.And finally science has stepped up to settle the debate.A post at announcing an all-important scientific breakthrough features a splendid headline that works on a number of levels. Science draws a line between geeks and nerds So why does this work?Theory is all well and good, but data needs to be a driver in decision-making.And looking at data over time will help you hone your instincts for what works and what doesn’t.

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The target audience of CNet consists largely of people who, it is safe to assume, appreciate and respect science and empiricism, and who have probably pondered at some point in their lives whether they are a geek or a nerd.

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