Dating isreali coins

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Dating isreali coins

And there the coin stayed until about a week ago, when her 11-year-old sister glimpsed it and advised her to show their father.“I recognized that it may be a genuine ancient coin,” said father Shimon, a lawyer.So, she of course put it in her special little box where she kept her prized little mirror and her favorite necklace.

For a world coin collector, it is helpful to be able to read numbers in these different languages.

But the Gregorian year is usually written using Arabic numerals (like the examples above), so you still need to practice your transcription from Arabic to European numbers to be able to read them.

Three days after the story below was published, The Times of Israel was contacted by Dr.

Then they realized that meant it was instead a half-shekel coin, which was used for Temple purposes.

Amar believes the coin was minted during the Great Jewish Revolt sometime during the years 66-70 CE.

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At first glance, the Amar couple thought it was a rare full shekel coin, minted by Jews during the Great Jewish Revolt against the Romans prior to the destruction of the Second Temple. The couple compared it to several examples of shekels, but decided to test its authenticity by weighing it.

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