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It was as if he could care less about how we felt about not being able to return the ring, saying, "Well that's policy. They promised the refund within 10 business days of the return.When that didn't happen, I called and they said they would do an escalation and I would have the refund within 48 hours.Still can't explain why we did not get the refund back on our card. I was not satisfied with the refirgerrator and would like to exchange it for another style that I saw at Sears store in Laredo Texas.But I was told I could not do the exchange because it has been over 30 days.Sears makes every effort to make customers happy when it comes to a return or an exchange of an item.The store prefers that items are in the original package and with the original receipt, but it will try to satisfy the requests of customers. Appliances, home and garden, and most of the floor care products are within 60 days. They cancelled an item from my order but never gave me back the points-refund. they asusred me it was going to be in my account soon.This is the most incompetent retailer I have ever dealt with and I don't like to knock employees, but they reflect the incompetence of Sears.After reading the comments here I will call IL AG tomorrow to see if they can do anything.

If there is any damage to the product, the customer needs to make the store aware of this. Certain items can only be exchanged instead of refunded, and these include electronics. I was super excited when they were delivered until I got home and it was completely wrong! Return to the store and they don't take returns anymore?????? Still to this day, never got that refund from them.Store manager stated that the corporate office knew some of the checks would bounce and that they would be re-issued. Range and microwave on August 31, 2018 and was delivered to the Home Builders address in Laredo Texas.Oh, did I mention we paid with our debit card in store? The appliances are stil in their original boxes and have not been opened.The check bounced & I'm trying to get back my service charge.They also sent a replacement check which I'm not sure if I should cash. I placed an order online Sept 3, 2018 called to find out when I would receive it, I was told 6 weeks, that had come and gone.

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Just received sneakers for my nephew who wears a size 5 receive sneakers that say 5 but really are seven can't get through to anybody the return site doesn't even exist and I still have 5 more pair of shoes on their way and I do believe we are all being ripped off I just bought two pairs of Levi Jeans .

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