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Dating scammer bill resnick

If they had something to give me for FREE I wouldn't accept it- If they continue I will file a complaint with the FCC and the NJ board of public utilities Harrassment Female states ive been leaving messages stating that i want to lick her scalp, that its illegal and she has a policeman on the line, who then comes on the line stating he will write me up on a - Of course I am aware that this is B-S-, just dont need anymore in my day- AND their call is illegal Yet another number I just had to block I hope the I-phone blocking feature doesn't have limits because I have to block new numbers rather frequently- This is another robo call from some undiscolsed group of ahats- I tired to call it back to be taken off the list but, I got the old school busy signal- These spam calls are like a hydra you cut off one and two more grow in it's place- I'm currently searching better paying job and trying to improve the quality of my life; this is beyond annoying and another stressor which I don't need- I don't give out my number to stangers (unless I'm applying for a job, credit app, etc) and I'm on the DNC listthis number calls every single day and leaves an automated messageto call it back- they don't leave any info- at all about who theyare- i refuse to call back a number that leaves no message, and iam irritated they keep calling If you ARE on the up and up-why do you call (NO JOKE OR LIE) TIMES A DAY Beginning at :am , But NEVER Leaving a message,on my caller ID I see, Ramsey, NJ- None of my creditors are in Ramsey NJ- And all our bills are current, WHO ARE YOU?? STOP CALLING OR LEAVE A MESSAGE THANKSIm a bit suspicious about this company and this guy steves tactics on hiring inspectors seems a bit fishy to me- I am a licensed home inspector in NV and CA and if this was a serious and profitable venture don't you think instead of trying to milk monthly fees and initiation payments- They would be more than happy to prove their worth to me for at least the first month, offer me a trial basis or a slightly higher percentage take for them for the first month?? [Me]: Pickup Only | No Shipping | Cash Onlycaller ID says Community Health Insurance- They want to come by and look over my health insurance and Medicare to make sure I know all the changes effective this coming year- Well Medicare and my health insurance already notify me of all changes etc- The lady just didn't want to quit so I hung up on her- Don't know if this is legit or not but I am not about to let someone look at my personal health coverage or health info- Sounds shady to me- Beware I live in Connecticut- I get calls from many, many different phone numbers from all over the country several times a day all claiming to be Discount Power- They attempt to drag information out of me to which I usually respond that it is none of their business and they promptly hang up on me- Most recently it was this phone number- It was a Middle Eastern woman and she asked for my mother- When I asked to take a message she said she would just try back later- Every time someone calls claiming to be from this company I call back after I hang up with them just to see what happens- Almost always no one answers and I hear an automated message telling me that no one is available to take my call at this time and then a dial tone- Sometimes I get nothing at all- Everyday this happens and I usually go about my business, but its starting to get extremely irritating- I have asked every single one of them to take me off their list and apparently it has not worked- I want them to stop- What do I have to do?

Come on guys use your brain- Do think I would buy or have any correspondence with a company that will keeps calling me and leaves no message? Because you can't find it on the Yellow Pages First received a text saying that someone I knew was injured in an accident at a gas station in NYC- Then received a phone call from a man claiming his name was "David" saying that my father was in an accident- Became very aggressive when I denied that it was my father- I had to hang up on him This person texted me and I told him he had the wrong number. He insisted that this was the number his friend frequently called him from and said, "how do you think I got this number"? This number appears and tells you to call them to resolve your issue, I don't know if ithe a valid #ITS A SCAM Do not give your information to them this number actually belongs to a company and they said they have recieved thousands of calls today- This number is being hacked through The police are on it They have called every number on my family plan so obviouslt they hacked Sprint or something These scammers are calling 7 times in the last 30 minutes; have filed report on Do Not When you answer, they use your phone number to call the next innocent victim DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL; block the number if you have options via your phone service provider.They have used my number to make other fraudulent calls. he should put other numbers on here- he gets calls from stupid people all the time there numbers should be here from unknown callers not his- what the hell is this site?

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