Dating swedish men online

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Dating swedish men online

Stockholm, Sweden has been an amazing city not only to visit but also to live in as a foreign exchange student.

I understood before my arrival that Sweden worked hard to maintain equality amongst all, no matter your gender or nationality.

They believe that women should be able to start up the conversation just like them. But how can this be equality when it seems more like reverse role play?

Regardless of my newfound judgment about Swedish men, I know that there are always exceptions just like any stereotype.

They don’t ask for your phone number or ask you on a date.

It’s good to feel like a special lady and to be appreciated.

However, in Sweden the men are either way too shy or simply scared of rejection, I think.

In a country full of so many stunning people why is it so hard to find love? This is where the tip for travel comes in–from a woman who has been fully engaged in this society and amongst so many beguiling men.

Going back to the equality aspect of the country, Swedish men feel equal to women in every aspect of life. Or should I say the non-existent dates that women from other countries especially my own, imagine to exist.

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