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In other cases, I arranged meetings with very little forethought or optimism, and the next thing I knew, I was opening their wedding invitation.

These experiences underscored my conviction that there is a Divine force at work and I am merely its conduit.

So “comparing notes” with friends about previous or future dates is ill-advised, misguided and potentially very destructive.Full Story This is the question posed to dozens of filmmakers at the beginning of the documentary Be Natural: The Untold Story of Alice Guy-Blaché. Iman showed up on the Venice Film Festival opening gala red carpet and, well, no other outfit mattered.The vast majority of them say no, but a few do know her name, including Ava Du Vernay. Green’s documentary then unspools like a mystery story, as she traces Alice Guy- Blaché’s path from a secretary at an early photographic company in France to being one of the first film moguls with her own movie studio in 1910s New Jersey (the original home of cinema, until Thomas Edison bullied everyone off the east coast and into the warm embrace of Edison-free California). Full Story A few weeks ago, Tom Holland was seen with a woman who is Not Zendaya. For fans who’ve been hoping that Zomdaya or Zendalland (depending if you’re a Kathleen or a Sarah) were True Love Forever, this was a crushing blow.I’ve learned it’s my job to make introductions with no expectations or judgments.Since no one can predict with certainty who will be right for whom, it follows that no one should ever foreclose or seek to compromise an opportunity for two unique souls to connect.

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Recently, a friend offered to set me up with a woman named Rachel. He told me she was into jazz and silent movies, and that she was my type physically too. I know I hurt her feelings with my resistance when we first met.