Death note dating game cheats Cam4gratis man

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Death note dating game cheats

Leave a comment with the English version and the translation along with what language it is.

The translation and credit for the language will be a first come first serve, I apologize in advanced if your translation is not listed. This mod will bring a variety of death ~ if you choose ~ to your game.

This one is in TESTING so if there seems to be something wrong please let me know.Things you will find in this mod: Flavor 3 has been removed as it is no longer needed.I have made some big changes with my Pregnant Aging and Death mod to decrease the amount of time it takes to update and check for each game update.these WILL conflict with any other mod that changes the listed XML’s.: I based the moods on the fact that vampires are considered not having a soul and are evil, for the most part.

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So certain interactions in the flavors are set based on the severity of the interaction.

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