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Fighter pilot dating

But one part what I like most about my job, I do not take work home with me. (German law requires a minimum of eight) Sometimes it is even half of the month that I am not flying. About half of the month I am not at home, so I can not attend all family and friends events. One aspect I really love about my job is that you are constantly learning and improving your skills.Between duty days I can at least enjoy four off days in a row without taking leave. It is not possible to attend weekly courses (like a language course) Watch my You Tube video about my off days at home in Berlin. Aviation requires you to be up to date about new procedures and regulations.Cons: If you lose your medical you lose your license and you cannot fly anymore.In case you did not study you are left without any education.But now I have to pass security every time without any exception. The flight training was self-funded, which made me put even more effort into it. It was also tough to start my aviation career as a first officer on a Private Jet.This is so ridiculous when you take in to account that all crew members have a valid background check. The “Lufthansa way” would have been the easy way but would definitely not made the person and pilot I am today.

As an employee, you are dependent on the profitability of your airline.

You have to invest a lot and work hard to boost your income.

I often have free time during the week when the majority has to work and has no time.

Recently they wanted to see my turmeric powder in my food bag. In front of the security staff, I had to taste the spice to proof this it is not an explosive. After I graduated high school I started right away preparing for the assessment to become a flight student for Lufthansa. Pros: You have the time of your life with lots of studying and flying.

Cons: No job guarantee with a self-funded training. It is not an easy and inexpensive path to obtain the license to fly commercial airplanes.

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This profession is highly specialized you can only fly aircraft and you are type rated on one special aircraft. You can enjoy the good reputation of being a pilot and you get paid to fly. A good availability of pilots on the market causes that working conditions and salary to drop.

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