Furry dating yiffstar rules dating black man

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Also in 2007, users gained the ability to run their own journal on Yiffstar.This feature has only basic functionality right now, with update notification and additional enhancements planned for early 2008.Following repeated requests by users, Yiffstar adopted music uploads in 2007, again taking all the features available for story and visual art submissions and allowing them to be used for the new content format.Fears of repeated uploads of commercial music have so far been unfounded thanks to the work of the many volunteer reviewers.YS featured an "opt-out" toggle to filter out keywords for things that a user may find repulsive had been added making things even easier to browse by simply removing from view anything that meets the "offensiveness" criteria set by the user.

The art galleries are the main hub of visual art on Yiffstar, featuring all the community functions available for stories: Favorites, Watchlists, Comments, Ratings etc.Subcategories involved the materials' content, such as the types of characters, and any fetishes that were involved.Popular locations were also available allowing users to search more easily though the database.Yiff Chat is Yiffstar's web-based chat, centered on sexual roleplay. P was down from May to December 2007 due to the forums switching from PHPBB to SMF. A small link on the sidebar leads to a simple page that refreshes every thirty-seconds with random images marked "male solo" or "male/male" from Yiffstar's Galleries.Due to Yiff Chat's availability even through firewalls, and because of its ease of use, it is one of the most popular services of the site. sign next to a username), or by creating a private room within the chat. Sometimes the pictures that come up are of an erotic homosexual nature, sometimes they are simply pictures featuring males - it is fully random.

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