Google recaptcha not validating

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We would advise checking a different connection and to complete checkout again.This also feels a bit hacky because I have to modify a class for specific environments to make sure my tests pass.These two solutions work fine, but we actually want to test our validation functionality because what if, down the road, ZTTP makes changes to their API.Lately I've been building an app that contains a lot of re CAPTCHA validation and I've come up with a solution for dead-simple usage for the re CAPTCHA validation and for displaying a re CAPTCHA box. After you've registered for re CAPTCHA and obtained the keys, don't directly pass those keys to your code.Instead, add your keys to the five times and it's all fine, the JS will only be loaded once but re CAPTCHA will be shown 5 times. There are many ways to bypass re CAPTCHA validation in your tests and we're gonna look at all of them, so just use the one you feel comfortable with. We actually want to test the funcionality of the class.

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Once you have logged in successfully you should be able to reopen the Humble Bundle app. Check out Google's Re Captca FAQ for more information or potential solutions.

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