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Hard to get dating

Whether she just brushes your shirt or puts her hand on your shoulder, you have hit the jackpot.

If the girl you are interested in wraps you in a full fledged bear hug, well you are the winner for sure.

It means she’s unconsciously showing you she likes you. If a girl is getting bashful around you, feeling a little self-conscious and maybe embarrassed, then she’s totally into you. Is she sitting in a way that indicates she is trying to get you to notice her? If she is, this is an in your face indication that she totally wants your undivided attention.

Sure, there are just coincidental times when you might run into a girl but on the flip side, there are obvious times she wants to “bump” into you.

What this is saying is she’s just trying to get close to you and that’s magical if you ask me.

If a girl is twirling her hair, that’s saying wonders.

If you skip past this one, you don’t deserve her, just saying.

If a girl decides to reach over and touch you, she is totally into you.

If this girl you have your eye on, is quick and excited to accept any invitation to spend time together, then she likes you too.Either way, this is a smack in the face that she likes you. If a girl is giving you her genuine smile, you know, that “cute” one?Then she is shouting out to you that she is drawn to you and wants to get to know you better.Maybe there’s a great concert coming up, a community event, or a hot new movie.If she is talking about the things she would like to do in the future and making you feel included or at least not left out in the cold, that’s a great signal.

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Okay…she might have dry lips but chances are if she’s licking her lips, she is not licking them because they are dry.

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