Internet dating wifes

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Internet dating wifes

He practically jogged up their front walkway and rang the doorbell. Laura stood before him, completely naked from head to toe, with the exception of a pair of red high heels."You'd better come in before the neighbors see me," she said with a naughty smile.Wave after wave of cum covered her cheeks, mouth, nose and hair. Oddly, she didn't use the towel on herself, but instead gingerly brushed away the excess fluid surrounding her eyes."I'm going to freshen up before dinner," she announced. There's beer in the fridge." With his cum still covering her face, Laura bounded up the stairs.He walked through the doorway and she shut the door behind him.Before he could say a word, she kissed him deeply, and furiously worked to unzip his pants.Laura frantically unzipped Jake's pants and sucked his cock.But they had to put an end to their fun when Matt nearly ran off the road while trying to watch what they were doing.

It seemed as though she was intent upon having sex in every room of the house. Laura climbed on top and straddled Jake while kissing him passionately.Although it still felt strange to do this in front of her husband, Jake was becoming more comfortable with the idea.As he sat on a high chair and admired her exposed legs and her shapely ass, Jake couldn't help but feel proud that this beautiful woman was his for the night.She rubbed her slick pussy along his hard cock in long, slow strokes along the entire length of his shaft.He sucked her stiff nipples and she moaned with delight.

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She dropped to her knees, forced his pants to his ankles and made his cock disappear inside her hungry mouth.