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Irrational fears dating

A kiss is a sweet and intimate moment between two people who share a mutual attraction.The first kiss can be a scary proposition, considering you may not know for sure if it will be accepted or reciprocated.The trick to overcoming either is to work on the root cause of your fear.

Philemaphobia is the irrational fear of kissing, which may stem from emotional issues such as worrying about germs or feeling that this type of contact is "dirty" or "sinful." The fear of kissing may manifest as obvious physical cues you may not be able to control, such as sweating, nausea, an urge to flee or even a panic attack.

A phobia is a feeling of excessive fear of a certain situation or something that overshadows the danger it poses.

As a result, people with phobias tend to avoid those situations and hide from potential opportunities and challenges that allow us to live a happy and fulfilling life.

Remember that the things you tell yourself have power.

Any internal dialog that says you are not good enough needs to be replaced with words that reaffirm your self worth.

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However, you need to realize that you cannot hide from your fear forever.