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Is olivia wilde dating salman rushdie

“Good for him,” says Seth Porges, senior editor at Maxim. “There’s a certain confidence that inherently comes from having a large portion of the world wanting you dead.” (Rushdie was condemned to death in 1989 by Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, who felt “The Satanic Verses” blasphemed Islam.) “More power to him,” agrees Alex Bhattacharji, executive editor at Details magazine, who calls Rushdie “the improbable ladies’ man.” “We don’t expect men like him to be playboys, but the fact that he defies stereotypes probably helps him,” he says.“He’s a testament to the appeal of the smart guy.” Plus, says Porges, walking around with a fatwa on your head, while inconvenient, probably helps when it comes to the babes. “As for the women, I’m sure it’s nice to be regaled by wit and intelligence,” she adds.

They dated for five months in 2009 and, true to type, Rushdie is now rumored to be squiring another bombshell around town: Topaz Page-Green, a model-turned-charity founder with searing blue eyes and chiseled cheekbones.(Rushdie insists she is just a friend.) The writer’s behavior has divided the chattering classes.“I think Salman should try out for the next season of ‘The Bachelor,’ ” says Olga Liriano, a fashion casting director. Quite possibly, if these photos of him nuzzling Scarlett Johansson's neck in her new music video are anything to go by.The controversial author, who it's fair to say is not classically handsome, makes a cameo appearance in the 23-year-old actress-turned-singer's Falling Down, the first single from her upcoming album of Tom Waits covers.

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