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After tying the knot in front of 300 guests, the couple honeymooned in St.

Lucia, according to , and almost six months after the wedding, Wilkinson gave birth to their son, Hank IV. Let's recap: she went from living in the Playboy mansion to getting pregnant to getting married to being a first-time mom in just over a year. It's no wonder this whirlwind romance began unraveling at the seams almost as soon as it started. The couple reportedly gave Baskett a phone number to call, and he was later led to a house. Wilkinson was reportedly tipped off about the dirt right before the news hit the press.

talk show in 2017, Wilkinson admitted she had "divorce on my mind" during the cheating scandal.

She found herself dealing with an internal battle: She wanted to be single, but she also wanted the "freedom to explore mentally, but not physically" with other people.

Over the years, Kendra says her mother hasn’t painted the best picture of her father since her dad has been absent from her life.

Kendra didn’t ask for permission or speak to her mother about contacting her father before she did and Patti was very hurt when she found out.

Kendra contacted her father while appearing on her reality show and the two scheduled a meeting in Costa Rica, where Eric lives.

However, Eric was very hesitant to have cameras film their reuniting.

Kendra tells People: I wondered, ‘Do I want to go reunite with him on camera?

He received a degree in biochemistry from the University of California, San Diego.

Eric Wilkinson went on to found several biotechnology companies, which allowed him to retire at the age of 48.

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A source said she was trying to be strong throughout the scandal but would cry "every day." "I messed up," Baskett told . And everything through me brought pain upon this family." After the incident, the couple focused on rebuilding the relationship.