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I designed the book for Louisiana Museum of Modern Art along with graphic designer Marie d’Origny Lübecker, in collaboration with the in-house publications department and the Children’s Wing.

Louisiana was founded on the principle that art is for everyone, and this newly published book aims at making art relevant to children. The book is divided into six ‘chapters’ each dealing with a piece of art from the Louisiana Collection; Klein, Hockney, Calder, Jorn, Richter, and Armleder.

A growing body of evidence suggests that exposure to chemicals early in life, including endocrine-disrupting chemicals, can cause a range of disorders later in life, such as those described in the ovarian dysgenesis syndrome hypothesis.

A woman's reproductive health and ability to have children directly affect numerous aspects of her life, from personal well-being and socioeconomic standing, to morbidity and lifespan.

In turn, reproductive health depends on the development of correctly functioning ovaries, a process that starts early during fetal life.

A green foil blocked cover and new parchment insert makes this one of Dirter Promotion's most elegant and desirable releases to date.

Understanding this album as Stapleton's take on the groundbreaking minimalist drone work of La Monte Young, Charlemagne Palestine and Iannis Xenakis gives essential perspective on Stapleton's unique developments.

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The graphic language is tactile to emphasise and encourage hands-on activity.