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Posted by / 04-Aug-2020 01:19

But Facebook has the huge advantage of backing this feature into its own app.

Rather than swiping right and left on strangers, you’re basically doing it with your friends.

As mentioned above, if someone’s just using the general Dating section, then by design, they won’t match with a friend.

Secret Crush lets them test the waters with friends.

Facebook users were promised a significant redesign, Messenger is getting new desktop apps on top of a few handy features, and Instagram is losing all those likes.

Facebook Dating, a service that’s only available in a few markets right now, also got a new feature called “Secret Crush,” which will let you match with your Facebook friends in a Tinderesque kind of way. It’ more like creepy considering where is coming from. are pivoting towards privacy, but with all the privacy-infringing scandals and security issues starring Facebook in the past couple of years, it would be foolish to trust the company with even more sensitive data about yourself.

The service also has its own messaging system that doesn’t allow photos or links to be sent.

However, unlike the rest of Dating, Secret Crush is meant to be a way for users to potentially match up to their Facebook friends.

In addition to the wider rollout, Dating’s gotten a new feature, called ‘Secret Crush.’ Within the feature, users can choose to secretly admire up to nine friends at a time.

Don't worry — to make sure nobody spams the feature to suss out their admirers, Facebook will let you swap out only one crush per day.

You also have to be signed up for a Facebook Dating profile in order to get the crush notifications.

Facebook told This, however, is Facebook, and Facebook proved it couldn’t be trusted before.

“All activity that occurs in FB Dating stays in FB Dating and will not be shared externally,” a Facebook spokesperson said. Secret Crush isn’t exactly a novel concept, and Tinder is based on a version of this.

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