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The most common reaction is, 'How can you be depressed? You are the supposed number one heroine and have a plush home, car, movies... ' Deepika Padukone Maybe the bike is more dangerous, but the passion for the car for me is second to the bike.

Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt On the roads, it is one of those 'might is right' situations. Dane Bird-Smith The Germans are clear about what they do - cars and machine tools; the Japanese are clear about what they do - electronics; the Chinese are clear about what they do - they're the workshop of the world.

There are people who use their thinking to race cars.

People use their thinking to build rockets to the moon. Michael Nesmith The body is like a car: the older you become the more care you have to take care of it - and you don't leave a Ferrari out in the sun. My life is centered around either sitting at my keyboard or driving my car.

It's not the key to your house, your car, your boat, your safety deposit box, your bike lock or your private community. The key is 'Delete.' Elayne Boosler I remember in '37 when trolley cars were so big in New York. There used to be open-air buses, and you could go up a spiral staircase and sit up on top. Life is similar to that, and that's the way you have to control your head. David Byrne The first autonomous cars date back to the late 20th century. Lewis Hamilton Cursing is highly effective in person - someone kicks his car in rage, forgetting he's wearing flip-flops, flames pour from his mouth, and it's impressive. Garrison Keillor I do a lot of mixed martial arts - it's like unlimited fighting. I don't like my routine to get stale, so I also lift kettle bells and push cars.

But recent increases in sophistication and reductions in cost - reflected, for example, in cheap LIDAR systems, which can 'see' a street in 3D in a way similar to that of the human eye - are now bringing autonomous cars closer to the market. Victor Webster I remember one day, when things were going frightfully well, I went to buy myself a really smashing car.

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Gasoline costs more than twice as much in Paris as in New York.