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A woman must certify that the law was enforced and indicate whether she looked at the pictures.It’s a hodgepodge of medical interventions being legislated by (mostly) male politicians.But the exemptions highlight the arbitrary ways in which various states are implementing their laws. ) Texas has the most restrictive law, requiring women to listen to the gallop of their baby’s heartbeat, before aborting it.Alabama — which simply offers the woman the option of viewing the ultrasound image — has the least.Our study, the first of its kind to examine the effects of a mandatory ultrasound viewing law, looked at 5,158 patient charts in Wisconsin.We found that women seeking abortions overwhelmingly go through with the abortion, even when required to view the ultrasound image before the procedure.Texas is one of seven states — along with Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Kansas, Louisiana and Mississippi — that requires ultrasound prior to abortion. Much has been written about the increasingly draconian hoops through which women seeking abortions must jump.But it is doubtful that the legislators debating vaginal probes or abdominal wands considered the effect it would have on a woman who really, really wanted to be a mom, but chose otherwise out of love, to require her to submit to an ultrasound before being allowed to end her pregnancy.

Choosing to continue the pregnancy, says Jones, a freelance writer in Austin, Texas, “sounded like physical cruelty.” She made her choice.

The study found that the most important factor in determining whether a woman had an abortion at the clinic was her level of certainty about the abortion decision ahead of ultrasound viewing.

Other factors, such as not being able to pay for the abortion out-of-pocket, were also associated with not obtaining an abortion at the clinic.

Some states show a measure of compassion by letting some women opt out of some of the requirements.

North Carolina, whose law is not in effect due to legal challenges, requires providers to show and describe the ultrasound image, with no exceptions.

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She was 20 weeks pregnant on the day in January when her doctor, the same one who delivered her daughter, gently broke the news that her new baby may not make it to term because of the severity of his disabilities; should he be born alive, his particular birth defect would mean he’d spend his entire life going back and forth from the hospital.

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