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Mayan dating system

One example is the observatory at Xochicalco, which, although not considered an exclusively Mayan city, certainly had Mayan influence.The observatory is an underground chamber with a hole in the ceiling.To the Maya, the stars were less important to their mythos than the sun, moon, Venus and other planets.

As with the sun and planets, Mayan dynasties often claimed to be descended from the moon.Many important Mayan buildings, such as temples, pyramids, palaces, observatories, and ball courts, were laid out in accordance with astronomy.Temples and pyramids, in particular, were designed in such a way that the sun, moon, stars, and planets would be visible from the top or through certain windows at important times of the year.The Maya painstakingly recorded the movements of Venus and determined that its year, relative to Earth, not the sun, was 584 days long, closely approximating the 583.92 days that modern science has determined.Like the planets, the stars move across the heavens, but unlike the planets, they stay in position relative to one another.

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