Meet friends not dating

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Meet friends not dating

While I am always down for a free table and drinks, I feel like if I already had a “group of girls” I probably wouldn’t be on Bumble BFF… Not meeting as many people (or anyone really) started to get to me.The rejection was honestly worse than dating because I was just looking for someone to hang out and have fun with!It’s hard to not sound basic and like everyone else when you truly do want all of those things.From someone who really got into dating apps the past few years, I’m slowly realizing the affect “swiping culture” can have on us.We care so much about an image rather than getting to know someone.So, I made it my mission to swipe right on mostly everyone.So, I decided to take my knack for dating apps and see if I could make some friends.

My photographer friend and I did hang out but the only pictures involved were the ones we took of our cheese board.You make an account with up to six photos, craft a bio (it’s harder than you think!); set your age, gender, and location parameters, and you’re ready to start swiping!I based everything on the bio and nothing on looks. We’re so trained to focus on photos and how people look on these apps, but I knew if I was going to build friendships, I wanted them to be set on a foundation of mutual interest rather than outward appearance.Being in a large city, I never felt like I was “running out of options” when I was swiping.

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), so I decided to see if Bumble BFF could live up to the hype.

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  1. Have we already given them piecemeal updates throughout the evening? Will we still try to contact them via Face Time or a regular phone call once we get home? Our best friends obviously need a full rundown of the date, good If all went well, we mentally rearrange our schedules so we’re free to see you again.