Melody thornton is dating nia long and will smith dating

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Melody thornton is dating

Well, when she quit the Pussycat Dolls, it wasn't exactly on the best terms. She's also made an appearance in Bobby Newberry's video for his debut single Dirrty Up, alongside her former bandmate Ashley Roberts, and in Fat Joe's music video Ballin'.

And when she was recently asked about reuniting with Nicole and the other girls by The Sun, she hinted that she isn't keen. Her vocals featured on LL Cool J's 2013 album Authentic, and she modelled in a 2014 ad for Dior.

“I think maybe I look like the kind of girl you do one thing with and not anything else," she said. “If you know me, you’re speaking to me, but if you’re just looking at me, you’re thinking, ‘That’s the girl you have sex with only’.

“I’ve been single now for 13 years and that’s embarrassing to say, actually. You have to tell me you love me, I need to know you love me.

“Just because I was your fantasy poster on the wall doesn’t mean I’m going to slut drop and sleep with you after the first date.” Melody wasn't part of the original Pussycat Dolls, who started as a burlesque dance revue in Los Angeles.

She auditioned to join the group after she saw the Pussycat Dolls on MTV Diaries featuring Christina Aguilera and heard they were looking for a new member.

Melody Thornton (Baby Doll) is not dating anyone and is not married to anyone.

Thornton was rumored to be in a relationship with comedy genius and legend Eddie Murphy but it was later confirmed that it was just a rumor.

After this, she was linked with rapper Shad Moss and they were speculated to be dating, however, none of them addressed the speculation.

Melody's talent was discovered at a young age when she sang Mariah Carey's remake Without You at a talent show organized by her school.

Thornton went for the audition for the Pussycats Dolls after she heard about the audition via a show MTV Diaries featuring Christina Aguilera. L which contained 10 tracks among which four were written by Melody.

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I would really like to get music out on my own as a creative person." Make of that what you will. The star is from Phoenix, Arizona, and is of Mexican American descent.

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