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The number 12 has been retired by the Seahawks in honor of their fans.In the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the Dawg Pound struck fear in the hearts of opposing teams.

They do this so effectively that the scoreboard has a false start tracker on it!As one of the "Original Six", the Candiens and their fans expect perfection. Opposing team's players are met by thunderous boos any time they touch the puck and are serenaded with cheers if they get hurt on the ice.Not even the USA's nation anthem is safe, as it has been booed several times before the beginning of a game.These fans have sent chills into the backbones of their opponents so much that they dread playing away games at these stadiums/arenas.Hockey is not just a sport in Montreal, it's a way of life! Boos are showered upon their own players if they don't perform up to snuff.

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Needless to say, visiting teams do not look forward to playing in Montreal.

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