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For starters, I have to thank Kazador of Emberstorm for suggesting I contact Garxz. Anyway, seems to be a very cool person, active on forums, etc.

😉 I have been playing hunter since classic, and I like how hunter is unique from all casters and melee classes, also being a pet class. In season 8 I used to play MM when I first started Pv Ping at a high level, but when Cataclysm was released it felt so strange playing MM.

You need to take one step at a time and progress, find the right arena partners, and practice a lot.

Making mistakes as a hunter is not very forgiving, and you need a decent combo and good partners to try and get a high rating.

I usually open with Scatter - Ice Trap, and then a few Tranquilizing Shots to clean him.

I find Killing Streak a lot more useful than having 10 more focus — it doesn’t give me anything to have 10 more focus if I’m always below 100 anyway.

Garwulf: I’m well aware that most of the top arena players ‘practice incessantly’ in order to learn how to counter other classes – you being no exception (over 5.5K duels, with a 4-1 win ratio). The Million Dollar Question that everyone wants the answer to…

What are some basic strategies – as a Beast Master – that you employ when dealing with various classes 1v1? And you either need to outlast them, trade cd’s or burst them down.

Shadow Priests, if they Dispersion before you pop your cd’s you win, you can burst him down with everything.

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Garwulf: You’re known for being one of the top rated Beast Mastery hunters in the world. I lvled as BM and ended up Pv Ping as BM as I didn’t like Survival or MM.

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