Msn dating america

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Msn dating america

“The attacker could also send the person a 'Microsoft Password Reset' email which could trick the user into giving up username/password details so the adversary could log into their social media, banking or other accounts to commit identity theft."If accounts of European citizens were compromised and the breach contained personally identifiable information, which seems to be the case, this “definitely falls under the scope of GDPR”, says Felix Rosbach, product manager at Comforte AG.

And of course, this wouldn’t be the first time the company has had a run-in with EU data protection regulators.

There is often a perception that if users’ financial information is not compromised, the breach isn’t that serious, says Matthew Overton, corporate and commercial partner at law firm Joelson.

The source told the site that hackers were able to access any email account apart from corporate level accounts.

The source also demonstrated that adversaries were able to see a user’s calendar and birth date.

However, if your account is connected to other details in any way, it makes sense to improve your security.

Change your password; it’s easy and doesn’t take long.

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