Myths and facts about dating violence

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Myths and facts about dating violence

MYTH: Domestic violence happens only once or twice in a relationship. He uses this information to blame her for the violence - “see it must be something that you are doing wrong, or there would not have been two of us” or to silence her - “you are not going to tell anyone, because if you do they will never believe you because you said that before.” MYTH: Children aren’t aware of the violence in their home.FACT: Abusers usually escalate violent behaviors in frequency and intensity over time. FACT: Studies show that most children are aware of the violence directed at their mother.This means that 70% do not become abusers and are committed to ending the cycle of violence in their lives.The majority of children, male and female, who witness domestic violence become advocates for children when they grow up; committed to raising their children without the use of violence and going into professions where they work to end violence against all children.It is a problem in poor families and it also occurs in middle class and wealthy families.Victims with greater economic resources may not access services due to shame and fear of lost social and financial standing.

Men can also be victims of domestic violence, but women make up about 97% of domestic violence survivors.Domestic violence happens equally in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. FACT: Battering is the single largest cause of injury to women in the United States – over mugging, automobile accidents and rape, combined. In 2009, Georgia was rated the 10th highest in the nation for the rate at which men kill women.MYTH: Domestic violence is not a serious problem in the U. In 2010, Georgia mourned at least 130 domestic violence related deaths.FACT: Men who abuse their partners are more likely to abuse the children in the home.Domestic violence is the number one predictor for child abuse.

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See Children’s Issues for ways you can support children who witness domestic violence.