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Neuchatel nude

The largest of the 11 Celtic tribes in Switzerland were called Helvetians, a term that was incorporated within the country’s original name, Confoederatio Helvetica, and which is still used today, abbreviated to CHF to denote Swiss currency and to CH for aviation and postal codes, along with web domains. Visit Museum Archaeological Collections Located on Lac de Neuchâtel, the Laténium archaeology museum’s uber-mod timber architecture contains a vast collection of Celtic objects, part of the 2,500 pieces unearthed near a dig site where the lake-perched museum sits today.But otherwise, the Celtic culture in Switzerland has seemingly vanished . These include finely wrought gold torques, engraved swords, intricate glass and stone jewelry, and a Gallo-Roman ship.That may be bad news for denizens of planet Earth, but some archaeologists can’t contain their excitement.As glaciers melt, traces of long-lost history emerge from their icy grip and shed light on not just the Celtic era, but ancient climate patterns and prehistoric natural history, too.

Set Out on Archeologically Themed Walks There’s no shortage of archeological walks in palimpsestic Switzerland, where you cannot cross a valley without encountering stelae, oppida, ritual sites, votive sanctuaries, and Neolithic ruins, all dating from varying eras thousands of years apart.During the 1st century BCE, Switzerland—not yet a country—was densely populated by Celts, as reflected by the Celtic-origin names of many of today’s Swiss cities, including Solothurn, Thun, and Winterthur.The Enge peninsula, just north of Bern, was one of the largest Helvetian settlements, which can be toured with guides from Pro Brenodor.The canton of Vaud’s Plant Robert grape, known for its trademark notes of cherry and peony, is also an heirloom varietal.Those who want to ensure their imbibing is historically correct can instead sip mead at the Celtic Festival, held during the summer solstice in the small town of Corbeyrier, near Montreux. Soak in History Soaking in thermal waters is one of the few unifying aspects of quadrilingual Switzerland and a pastime that dates back to the nude-loving Celts, a quirk that very much lives on in most of the country.

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The day spa is linked by an underground tunnel to the Heliopark Hotel (previously Lindner) The Walliser Alpentherme & Spa Leukerbad (known until April 2013 as the Lindner Alpentherme) is a fantastic upmarket day spa with vast hot mineral baths and water treatments.