Norah jones danger mouse dating

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Norah jones danger mouse dating

It’s no coincidence that the festival hit maximum capacity, for the first time in more than 15 years, on the day that her name was on the bill.She made the occasion a public preview of her new album, “Day Breaks,” which brings her back into the jazz fold without taking the safe or familiar route. 7, it features prominent jazz artists like the saxophonist Wayne Shorter and the bassist John Patitucci.She collaborated with Danger Mouse for her fifth studio album 'Little Broken Hearts' (2012) and 2016 brought the arrival of her sixth album 'Day Breaks' which featured the single 'Carry On' and saw the return of piano as a prominent feature in her work.Over the years Jones has performed with numerous other musicians across various genres including Ray Charles on 'Here We Go Again' in 2004 and in 2010 on a collection of collaborative tracks on her album '...She trained as a jazz pianist and singer (and signed with Blue Note Records) before sidling over to the countrified folk and low-gloss pop that marked her three subsequent albums, from 2004 to 2009, all certified platinum.

Since beginning his career in 1998, Mayer has received a total of seven Grammy Awards from nineteen nominations while selling more than 20 million albums worldwide.Jones one of the most decorated albums in recent history.“Come Away With Me,” her 2002 debut, took home eight Grammy Awards, including album of the year, and has sold over 11 million copies.The 19-date excursion kicks off June 18th in Pittsburgh and extends into August visiting markets like Charleston, Morrison (with Mavis Staples), Spokane, Vancouver and Anchorage.The new outing follows up 2016's Day Breaks World Tour which stretched into 2017 and was joined by Valerie June on select dates.

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And when she took the stage at Newport with several other musicians from the album, including the drummer Brian Blade, the message was clear: Rather than making some sort of prodigal return, she was accessing her musical core.