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Not enough fish dating

Figure 2: Key drivers of the online dating website user experience (SUPR-Q scores).

Together, these six components are key drivers of the dating website user experience and account for 75% of the variation in SUPR-Q scores.

—Plenty of Fish user Using a dating service comes with obvious safety concerns and it’s felt by a fair number of users.

Across the websites, only 54% of participants agreed that they feel safe using the site.

Reasons to use the dating services were similar for the website and app, except 42% of desktop website users said they are looking for a friendship while only 29% of mobile app users are looking for friends. While over half of participants reported visiting dating sites to find a serious relationship, only 22% said they’ve actually found a relationship through the service.

Specifically, Ok Cupid and Tinder users had the highest dating success in the group; 35% of Ok Cupid and 30% of Tinder users reported finding a relationship through the service.

Dating can be hard enough, but in addition to finding the right one, you also have to deal with things like Nigeria-based scams (and not the one with the Prince! Even when someone’s not directly trying to steal your money, can you really trust the profiles?

—Plenty of Fish user Providing honest information on the site was found to be a significant key driver and explains about 17% of the dating site user experience.

Other key drivers included brand attitude (22%), nicely presented profiles (10%), ease of creating and managing profiles (9%), intuitive navigation (9%), and ease of learning about other people (8%).

On average, only 33% agreed that other users provide honest information about themselves and 41% said they are afraid of dating scams.

These were the top issues reported by Ok Cupid and Plenty of Fish users.

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