Old dark cavern chat room

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Old dark cavern chat room

Untill then, you can find me chillin with "Natty P" in the marshlands in the Emerald Dream realm.

Sometimes if im bored, which only happend once since im so highly medicated, I will go back in time to fish with Pagle in Old Hillsbrad, or hit up Pagles Point inside the Troll City in stranglethorn vale. I changed things up and tried water walking, and caught right after using water walking.

Good Luck to those trying, It really is a big achievement. try to jump out of the lava; you will hit an invisible ceiling. A friend of mine with 17 fishing (when he started) tried to catch it as well and caught 2 with 149 casts. Trying to get old crafty tomorrow, hope I don't get ganked too much.

This will be voted down, but I am at 2899 casts, and still no Ironjaw. slowly keep moving left of the center (facing the wall) continuing to jump until you manage to jump out of the lava. as horde, i was pleased to see that most of the alliance left me alone, although:it took me 6 hours of almost contant fishing to get him, in that time a shaman got him within 5 minutes of fishin, a guild mate within 30 minutes and another guild mate within 2 hoursa note for horde, it is now harder to get into ironforge without dying as all the basic guards are level 75 that you can't easily stealth past, and theres also some level ?

You'll need to try and jump onto this small invisible wall as a ghost and stay there, then go to Interface Camera and set your maximum camera distance to the highest, then zoom out as far as you can above you so you have a view much like this one you'll want your character to be facing the lava like mine is, if you can see it.

My mooncloth bags are overflowing with any kind of fish you could imagine...Plus that area is deserted too, so interruptions are rare.I sold all my epic gear just to afford more fishing lures.... I have given up raiding and pvp and now wander the world as a lvl 70 fisherman in blue overalls.Agree with the advice to get in through the Deeprun Tram, or else you'll die a few times trying to get to a suitable place to fish. No lures needed, as it's practically a starting zone fishing area.Just bring a real big drink and some snacks and prepare to slog away at it.

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